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For You (Poem)

I tried to nurse your revolution,

and the meaning of destroying idols.

The alphabets of love rebel against the pen,

and love, unclouded, challenges the passing years.

I tried to make of you a lifetime’s cry

in the face of the days approaching.

Or at least a drop of ink that drowns the printed lies.

I tried, but I have failed, I have failed.

The revolution is made of pain,

and the ice in your eyes was that dream’s grave.

I departed, looking for you,

searching for me.

In the cold dark night, the world is covered with mud.

The rain bites my fingers

and the wind chews my coat.

Despair covers even my shadow.

In the distance a wick of light flickers

but never goes out, never goes out.

Oh, how in the night of hopeful dreams

can dreams seem undone?

And from deep inside, the voice whispering,

“Have you met it, that hope?”

“Did you find it, that home?”

I answered, “No…No, not yet.

But I’ll search for it in my today

and in my tomorrow.”

My prayers have been mute.

The bells of my faith never ring.

Tomorrow there will be no petals scattered

on my grave.

Justice is my journey

in a world full of traitors.

In a world full of traitors.

In a world full of traitors.

S.A. Kornas

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