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Lay My Sword (Poem)

In all the places I have been;

and in all the battles I have fought,

I never thought that one day, I will

lay beside your feet my sword;

and find rest within your arms,

an open book; a child learning

the A B Cs of love.

In all the ports I have been;

and in all the lonely airports;

I have never thought that snow

of January cold will melt in a simple

conversation between your lips.

and when I turned, I would always

find your hand.

I have never thought in your laughter

cities will dance in clouds full of rain,

and in your kiss the whole world is just a dream.

Why? and now?

and where I run, while there beside

your bed lies my sword.

Why you choose now, and what can

I give, except a key to a fragile heart.

A heart that feared for years a simple

thing called “love”.

Salah A Kornas

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