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Beloved (Poem)

Embrace me, embrace me
for I am escaping a desolate yesterday
running through lonely streets
dismal as a jungle night
in a world where justice is a lonely legend
written in blood
and truth is a hermit
with shoulders grown weary
under the weight of sorrow.

Embrace me
Gather the fragments of my self
That I shattered on the wheel of illusion.

Embrace me.
I’ve searched for you.
You, who are all the pregnant dreams
who are the past and the present
who are the lips of the future offering the sweetest kiss
who are precious water, condemned to exile in the desert sand
who are all the shots, and the smell of gunpowder
who are the burning poems of my life.

You, who are the first word uttered by a comrade
and the last gasp
who are the first entry in the anthology of revolutionaries
and the last page
who are the perfume and the ink
the thought, the birth and the dying breath.

Embrace me.
Gather the fragments of my self.
I am searching for you in the caves of the oppressors
behind the walls
below the crown
beneath the palace
and behind the iron bars.

You are tomorrow’s dawn.
With the insistent love in your eyes we’ll build the bridge.
The sea will flow.
Sterile trees will be uprooted from the river’s bank.

You, my love, are the thundering storms of the future
the exploding hurricanes.
You are the song.
You, my lover, are the freedom
You are the revolution.
You are the revolution.
You are the revolution.

S.A. Kornas

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